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Crawford County Quorum Court offers severance package to library director

At a quorum court meeting, many advocates for and against the issue showed up to voice their concerns.

CRAWFORD COUNTY, ARKANSAS, Ark — A heated discussion continues in Crawford county regarding the banning of library books on LGBTQ+ issues.

At a quorum court meeting, many advocates for and against the issue showed up, and many voiced their concerns during the meeting's public comment time.

Some pointed out the "obscenity" of the books being displayed to children while others cited the importance of the separation of church and state—some saying the removal of the books is hurtful to the LGBTQ+ community.

A former library system director had also stepped in saying this isn't something the library should be handling.

Former Library System Director Eva White says, "I see it going down the drain. It hurts ... this is not an issue for the library system, too. We can't do anything about it. all we can do is run a library system."

One concerned resident said that "This isn't about censorship when you're talking about bringing material like this in front of a child—I'm not going to drag my children into x-rated adult stores. And that's because I believe that they shouldn't see certain pictures or certain things."

One justice of the peace said that they saw obscenities within the "alternate lifestyle" books, but that they could not recall the name of the book as it was sent to him by a resident.

Also on the court's agenda was the severance package for the library system's director, which was unanimously approved by the court, and offered $40,000 from the County's General Fund.

The package is being met with criticism as it was amended to come out of the library fund. A library board member said that it would also be a lengthy search process for the board.

Library Board Member Keith Pigg said, "We spent 5 months working and soliciting trying to get people to try out for the job, and in Crawford county that's extremely hard because they just don't get paid very much."

One justice of the peace did say during the meeting that the court's intention is to find a new director.

Another justice of the peace did voice that the library's issue with relocating books would be decided by the board.

The library has a meeting scheduled for March 14, at their alma branch.


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