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Tesoro Beach in Springdale brings Mexican and Salvadoran flavors together

The Mexican-Salvadoran Restaurant opened in 2006 under the ownership of Entimo Galdamez. His son says its his father's passion for traditional food that drives them.

SPRINGDALE, Ark — Established in 2006, Ever Galdamez says his father Entimo with the help of his mother Ana opened Tesoro Beach. It combines Mexican and Salvadoran flavors with years of experience in every dish.

"He was just always determined to be his own boss. That was his dream. And he dreamed of having a Salvadoran restaurant because of his favorite restaurants in El Salvador, you know?" said Galdamez.

The two came from a small pueblo of Honduritas in Santa Ana, El Salvador. Entimo helped her to the states and now she plays an important role not only as a wife but at the restaurant as well.

"I admire them both. To be honest, it's insane," said Galdamez. 

"When she leaves. Like we know the value she has to the business and to our family. Like it's insane. As you said, backbone, man, for sure."

Ever completed his business administration degree at the University of Arkansas, expecting a corporate job. He says he is glad he took the opportunity to join his parent's restaurant, now being inspired by his father's passion.

"We'll close late night on the weekends. And he's still he's like, 'hey, man, voy sazonar el chorizo voy hacer la salsa de molcajete tengo que hacer este salsa.'"

All to replicate the tastes of back home.

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"That's all because of, you know, what my grandma would make? Well, my aunts were to make back at their homes, you know, whether if you want to Caldo de gallina, hen soup. He wants to get it down," said Galdamez. 

"Like when a customer walks through the door, he wants it to feel like alright, you know, this is something that my mom will make. This is something that my aunt will make."

Like many restaurants, the pandemic brought difficult times for Tesoro Beach.
"I get chills talking about pandemic... It was the start of something that we weren't experiencing," said Galdamez. "People showed us endless love. And people were ordering soups. Fajitas you know, it wasn't like just saying, let me get a couple of tomatoes, a couple of people were ordering for the whole family net. And that's what helped us."

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Now better than ever, they see the area growing and bringing more opportunities.

"I know we're just reaching like the foundation of what's to become Northwest Arkansas— Springdale on that note, so I think is just like to beginning to be honest."

The restaurant is open every day from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., with the exception of Fridays and Saturdays when they remain open an extra hour.

The restaurant serves more than just breakfast—their most popular item is actually their pupusas.

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