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Arkansas cities can still ban dogs based on breed after bill fails

The bill, sponsored by four Republicans, tried to prohibit any city from banning dogs (or cats or any animal) based on their breed.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The bill, HB 1519, was filed in the Arkansas legislature in an attempt to prohibit cities and local governments from banning animals based on their breed.

House Republican Representatives RJ Hawk, Mary Bentley, Mark Berry and Carlton Wingn sponsored of the bill.

The bill attempted to amend the law (Arkansas Code Title 14, Chapter 54, Subchapter 11) to add an additional section that would specifically prohibit city governments in Arkansas from regulating animals based on the breed or "perceived breed" of the animal.

The amendment wouldn't have stopped municipalities from not allowing animals unvaccinated against rabies— that is a situation where it would be legal for city governments to ban animals at large.

The bill was first filed on Feb. 28 and was referred to the City, County & Local Affairs Committee where it will be evaluated at an undetermined time.

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