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Police: Man arrested in Boston for guns he legally purchased in Arkansas

The 20-year-old told Massachusetts police that he bought the guns at a gun show in Arkansas.

BOSTON — A 20-year-old Bentonville man was arrested in South Boston on Sunday morning for having guns in his car he said he legally purchased in Arkansas.

According to Massachusetts State Police, Tayvian Chamberlain was in Boston to deliver puppies to buyers in Massachusetts when he was pulled over and told officers he was armed for protection.

Officers said they found four guns and three large-capacity magazines in Chamberlain's car along with three young dogs, two Labrador Retrievers and one Italian Mastiff.

Chamberlain also told Massachusetts police that he had bought the guns at a gun show in Arkansas. He also allegedly said the guns weren't registered to him and that it's legal in Arkansas to carry a gun without a license to carry.

Chamberlain was charged with several counts of gun and ammunition possession, including charges related to improperly storing the weapons.

Full list of charges:

  • Four counts of unlawful possession of a firearm
  • Three counts of unlawful possession of a large-capacity weapon
  • Three counts of improper storage of a large-capacity firearm
  • Unlawful possession of ammunition
  • Improper storage of a firearm
  • Driving an unregistered motor vehicle

Police confirmed that Boston Animal Control took possession of the three puppies. BAC was able to track down the buyers of the dogs and arrange for them to pick them up.

Chamberlain was booked at the Massachusetts State Police South Boston Barracks and was transported to South Boston District Court for arraignment after he couldn't post bail, according to authorities.

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