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Salvation Army NWA expands men's rehabilitation program

The Salvation Army was able to renovate an existing building that can now be home to its rehabilitation program.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — More men struggling with addiction will now be able to get the help they need. This comes as the Salvation Army of Northwest Arkansas expands its rehabilitation facility.

The salvation army’s Fayetteville rehabilitation program started in 1985 and now it has its own space in an existing building just behind the shelter.

The faith-based program lasts six months and is free for all men.

The expansion creates space for 26 men at a time instead of the previous 16. The program graduates an average of about 20 men a year, but the Salvation Army hopes to see that number grow.

“Our streets are over-flooded with fentanyl, and we are seeing an influx of people needing help,” said the Director of the Drug and Alcohol Program Brandon Smith.

Smith is five years sober and says this program saved his life and he’s paying it forward.

“I've poured my whole life into this place and helping other people in what was so freely given to me, I just want to give it back to people and show them how it's done, and show them how I did it... It's not that I'm anything special, or I did anything special. I did what I was asked to do, and I followed certain instructions,” said Smith.

Area Commander, Major Nick Garrison says until now, the shelter and rehab program were in the same building. These renovations not only help them serve more people who need rehab but also people experiencing homelessness who need shelter.

“To be able to open up more beds, more space to help those in need is going to be huge and have an impact—not just for that one person, not just for their family, but really for our community. When you see men come through this program to get a new taste of life, it goes a long way,” said Maj. Nick Garrison.

Recovery from addiction is possible. If you or someone you know needs help here is the Salvation Army’s contact information. There is also a link to ways you can help the organization with its mission.

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