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Drugs, cannibalism and castration - Oklahoma men behind bars for bizarre crimes in LeFlore County

Two Oklahoma men are accused of performing a botched castration on a Virginia man, leading to their arrest.

WISTER, Okla. — Two men from Oklahoma are behind bars for their involvement in one of the most bizarre crimes ever reported in LeFlore County. 

Warning: Details in this article might be disturbing for some readers. 

On Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2020, a deputy with the LeFlore County Sheriff's Office was alerted about a 28-year-old man from Virginia, identified as Kai Aster, at the McAlester Regional Hospital who told medical staff that he had undergone a "surgery" in Wister, Oklahoma. Aster told medical personnel that the surgery was to remove his testicles, according to court documents. 

Aster told the medical staff that the surgery was performed by Bob Allen and Thomas Gates in their home in Wister. He also stated that Bob and Thomas tried to get him to participate in cannibalism. 

The hospital staff confirmed that Aster's testicles were removed.

A LeFlore County Deputy and investigator arrived at the hospital to interview Aster. Aster explained to the deputy and investigator that he first contacted Bob Allen three weeks prior on a website called www.the-em.com. Aster said he came across the website while searching about castrations, court documents state. Aster told authorities that he and Allen chatted for a few days and then talked over Skype. Aster said that Allen informed him that he had 15 years of experience and that he videos the procedures for personal use. Aster told police that Allen stated that the procedure would not cost anything. 

Aster took a flight from Virginia to the Dallas/Fort Worth airport on Oct. 11 and was picked up by Allen. Allen drove him to his home in Wister, Okla. from the airport.

The following day, Allen had Aster get on what he described to the police as a makeshift table covered in operation gowns. According to court documents, before the surgery, Aster was injected with Novocaine and Lidocaine in the needed areas. 

Aster told the police he was awake during the surgery. He then went into detail about how Allen removed his scrotum and testicles using surgical equipment. Aster stated that Allen's partner Thomas Gates helped during the surgery by handing him surgical equipment. 

The surgery lasted two hours, according to Aster. He told the police that once it was over, Allen said he would consume the parts, laughing and saying he was a cannibal. He also said that Allen told him that he once operated on someone he described as crazy and that he left the man opened up to die overnight, according to court documents. 

Aster told the police that Allen had six more clients on the way for the same operation. He also said that Allen informed him that he had a freezer with body parts and showed him pictures on his phone. 

Aster went to sleep following the operation and woke up the next morning with a lot of bleeding. Aster said that he called for help from Allen and that Allen told him, "No ER. No morgue." Aster said Allen finally decided to take him to the McAlester Regional Hospital, and while en route, Allen told him that if he passed out or died, he would dump him in the woods. Aster said that once they arrived at the hospital, Allen instructed him to say he did it to himself. 

During his interview with the police, Aster said that Allen had a medicine cabinet containing all types of medicine such as Hydro, OxyContin, Percocet, psychedelic mushrooms, and other hard drugs, according to court documents.

On Thursday, Oct. 15, the LeFlore County Sheriff's Office obtained a search warrant for Bob Allen and Thomas Gates' home on Blake Drive in Wister.

No one was home when the search warrant was served, according to court documents. While at the residence, deputies were informed that Allen and Gates were at the McAlester Regional Hospital. McAlester Police went to the hospital and took the men into custody until the search warrant was complete. 

Investigators entered the home, and the following items were obtained for evidence:

  • A MacBook laptop, a Lenovo laptop, and an Aero laptop and outer hard drive
  • A medical bill addressed to Bob Allen (only a photo of the bill was taken)
  • A pill bottle containing Epitol 200mg prescribed to Thomas Gates
  • A Roto-Rooter bill
  • A 6ft medicine cabinet containing numerous medications, pill bottles containing mushrooms, several medical utensils, a Cartery tool with blood on it, and a Xylocaine bottle in a flower box.  
  • More mushrooms were located in a bedroom and a medical bag containing utensils
  •  A deep freeze was found in a bedroom that contained what appeared to be testicles
  • Two flash drives were recovered from the living room along with restraint straps
  • A blue medical sheet with a needle and small string
  • A white doggy pad with blood
  • DVDs
  • Syringes containing a clear liquid substance
  • Adult diapers

Following the search, the evidence was transported to the LeFlore County Sheriff's Office. 

Allen and Gates were transported from the Pittsburg County Sheriff's Office to LeFlore County for booking. 

Both men face nine criminal charges including Practicing Medicine Without a License, Maiming, Unlawful Use of Communication Facility, Distribution of Controlled Dangerous Substance - Including Possession With Intent To Distribute, Assault and Battery With A Dangerous Weapon, Failure To Bury A Dead Human Member, Possession Of A Controlled Dangerous Substance, and Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. 

Their bonds were set at $295,000 each. Both men appeared in court on Friday, Oct. 23. 

No update has been given on the condition of Kai Aster.  

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