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Rogers-based company donates 10,000 eggs for viral pasta-making video

When asked to partner up for the challenge, Happy Egg reportedly said yes with "no questions asked."

ROGERS, Ark. — Content creator Ryan Peters of Peters Pasta made pasta out of 10,000 eggs, using eggs donated by the Rogers-based company Happy Egg.

The video series is popular on both TikTok and YouTube, amassing over 20 million views on average. The concept began with Peters posting a video, challenging himself to double the number of eggs he used while making pasta with each new video.

Over the course of 14 videos, that number reached 10,000 eggs. According to the video, he partnered with YouTuber MrBeast and Happy Egg to get there.

Peters says that when he started the series, it was "out of boredom." and that on a whim he said that he would double the eggs every time, "not really thinking how fast it would scale."

"I got to a point around 256 eggs when it became much more pasta than me, my family, and friends needed or wanted ... I don't want to waste the food, and I want to be as environmentally friendly as I can," said Peters, who says that he was able to donate all of the by-products from his pasta creations.

When asked about the Arkansas-sourced eggs, Peters said that "Happy Egg has been one of my favorite brands for a long time. They've got, in my opinion, the best eggs on the market."

Alex Worley, the CEO of Happy Egg, said that "What you feed the birds directly corresponds to the quality of the product. What you put in is what you get out, that is one component of how you get amazing eggs ... It's something that we take a lot of pride in."

When asked to partner up for the 10,000 eggs worth of pasta challenge, Happy Egg reportedly said yes with "no questions asked."

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