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VERIFY: No, you can't get free baby formula by calling a number on the can

A Facebook message told parents to contact baby formula manufacturers if their stores were out. But one company even had an automated message addressing this rumor.

A viral Facebook message claims that parents in search of baby formula can simply call the number on the back of the can to get a “crate” of formula.

The claim doesn’t specify if the formula is supposed to be free or not.

Credit: VERIFY


Can you call the number on the back of your baby formula packaging to get a crate of formula, possibly free?


No. While it is possible to order baby formula over the phone with some manufacturers, none of the major brands VERIFY contacted said they were giving out crates of formula right now.


If you call the number on the back of a Gerber formula can, you’ll hear a recorded message.

“We are aware of a rumor circulating on social media that states there are free cases of formula if you call and request them,” the message said. “We do not have any sampling programs at this time.”

While it is possible to order over the phone in some circumstances, it’s on a case-by-case basis. You have to get a person on the phone, they have to have the formula in stock and then you have to have it shipped to you.

That’s essentially an extra step on top of just ordering it online. When VERIFY checked, most online stores still had a stock of popular baby formula brands. 

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