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Man Arrested Wearing Bra, Thong at Fayetteville Park

Andrew Thomas Hincapie, 24, of Fayetteville was arrested Monday morning…
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Andrew Thomas Hincapie, 24, of Fayetteville was arrested Monday morning (August 5) after police were called out to reports of a man running around wearing in a women’s bra and a thong at Walker Park on W. 15th Street.

A witness told Fayetteville Police they saw the man wearing a pink women’s bra and striped thong underwear at the park.  The witness told Fayetteville Police they were extremely disturbed by the man’s actions.

Police were then flagged down by another witness who said the man was inside a Blue Toyota Matrix vehicle near the skate park.

When officers arrived they said they found the car, but said it was unoccupied at the time.  As officers searched the area, they said Hincapie emerged from the woods wearing the pink bra and thong.

Police said Hincapie jumped into his Toyota Matrix and started to take off.  Officers said they attempted to stop him, but he continued to drive towards Fayetteville Police despite them having their emergency lights and sirens activated.

Fayetteville Police say Hincapie eventually stopped his vehicle directly in front of the patrol vehicle, but police said he did not initially follow orders to show his hands.

Hincapie was placed under arrest for public sexual indecency and disorderly conduct and was transported to the Washington County Detention Center .

He is scheduled to have a Rule 8.1 Judicial Hearing August 7.