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What does your music taste say about your personality?

Throughout the years, it's become common for many people to share their playlists or end-of-the-year reviews. But, what do these songs say about our personality?

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Whether you're plugging-in to jam out in your home, blasting the radio in your car, or DJ'ing your favorite tunes-- music plays a pretty big role in our daily lives.

As we near the end of 2021, countless social media posts are circulating as people share their year in review, highlighting the music that got them through it.

And as we share what we listen to, what can these songs say about our personality? Turns out, they say quite a bit.

"The music that we choose to listen to represents a lot about our cognitive functioning. Meaning how we process information, the way that we communicate," said Beatrice Klokpah, Therapist and Wellness Expert at Eunoia Therapy and Self Development.

According to Klokpah, our personality traits can actually be tied heavily to specific genres of music.

"If we're looking at it from a personality perspective, introverts tend to lean towards heavy metal, rock, classical music, even R&B music," she said.

As for extroverts, Klokpah said they tend to favor blues, jazz, country, reggae music, dance, pop music."

But, the connection between music taste and personality types is a little more complicated than just those two categories alone, with some trends even factoring in career paths.

"Individuals who tend to be in the political arena, also tend to uniquely lean more towards blues or soul music, which is completely in-line with Bill Clinton," Klokpah said.

That breakup playlist you've had on loop might have more meaning than than 'just some sad songs,' according to Klokpah.

"Individuals who may listen to sad music may be more deeply introspective," she said.

But no matter your personality type, Klokpah said that what we listen to typically reflects what we've been through. 

This is why it has become so common for so many people to share their playlists or end-of-the-year reviews, many are looking for others who relate to those shared experiences.

"When we share music with specific individuals, we're hoping that they will also be able to connect with the experience that has been relayed through the music," she said.