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Your pipes froze - What to do next

With freezing temperatures not letting up until the weekend, here's what you need to know if your pipes freeze.

ARKANSAS, USA — The record low temperatures in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley left several people with frozen pipes. 

As temperatures rise heading into the weekend, frozen pipes may burst, leading to severe damage to your home. 

The best advice is to turn off your water or drip your faucets. If you keep the water moving, it’s harder to freeze. 

When your pipes do burst, you need to call a plumber. But, keep in mind road conditions and high demand could delay a plumber from getting to your home. 

If your faucet is not running or the toilet is not refilling, there's a good chance your pipe is frozen. 

If you suspect a frozen pipe, turn off your water supply in case it bursts.

One thing you want to find experts say is your water main on the side of your house. That way, if your pipes burst, you can shut them off quickly before things flood.  

What to do if your pipe breaks

  • Shut off your water at the main water valve.
  • Electricity should be cut off to the area of the home with water.
  • Call a plumber. It’s a good idea to research 24-hour plumbing companies in advance, just in case.
  • If flooring, walls or ceilings are severely damaged, you may need to contact a water damage professional.
  • It would be best to prevent mold and mildew buildup, so use mops, towels and a wet/dry vacuum to soak up the water.

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