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Winter warnings vs watches, what's the difference? | Arctic Arkansas

Warnings and watches can be confusing when it comes to winter weather. So, when one of the many advisories get issued, what does it mean for Arkansans?

ARKANSAS, USA — The National Weather Service has over 120 different warnings, watches, and advisories for all different types of weather. So when it comes to winter weather there are dozens of them that are similar but different at the same time. 

This winter we could see several of these issued throughout Northwest Arkansas and River Valley. So let's get prepared for what they mean and what you can expect when they get issued. 

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Winter Advisories are the most common to be issued throughout the winter because it simply means that some type of winter precipitation is coming to our area. When we get into winter weather warnings and watches, we know that's when we can expect something abnormal with higher snow or ice accumulation. These advisories are usually issued hours or even days in advance to give you enough time to prepare for the incoming weather.  

Not only can we get advisories for snow or ice but wind chills have their own as well. Anytime Arkansas is expecting sub-zero wind chill values, we can expect a wind chill watch or warning. 

All of these warnings, watches, and advisories differ across the country and have to cross different thresholds. For example, a winter weather advisory is far different in Alaska than it is in Arkansas. 

These warnings, watches, and advisories are tailored to where you live and the 5NEWS Weather Team is here to tell you what they mean and what you can expect this winter. 

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