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White Christmas 2021 | Who will have snow on December 25th?

At least an inch of snow depth is likely in the U.S. Rockies and the far north, as well as many locations in Europe and Asia.
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ARKANSAS, USA — The forecasts are in... who will get a white Christmas this year across the United States and around the world?

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? In the U.S. you may have to head up the Rockies or trek far north for a chance to see snow this holiday. Abnormally warm conditions are expected for much of the Plains and South this year. In fact some century-old high temperature records may fall in Arkansas on Christmas Day.

Snowfall is a tricky forecast because not only do you need the snowflakes to survive from the cloud to the ground, but once they reach the ground, there is a chance they could melt depending on ground temperatures and moisture. The following snow maps show the chance for at least one inch of snow to be possible in the morning at sunrise on December 25, 2021. (Snow forecasts are subject to change, especially along the edge of snow zones.)

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LAST YEAR | 2020 White Christmas

In 2020, not only did the the highest elevations in the Rocky Mountains have snow, but also parts of the Plains and East. Light snow accumulations were found in parts of the Corn Belt mainly north of I-80. In the east, a snowstorm brought snow from northern Georgia to Lake Erie. In fact almost 2 feet of fresh powder fell by Christmas morning from Columbus to Cleveland, Ohio. More snow was found in parts of the Northeast from upstate New York to Maine.

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This year, most of the snow will be in the Rockies, especially in higher elevations. Strong storm systems will hit the Pacific Coast bringing fresh powder to the Cascades, Sierra Nevada, and Rocky Mountains. Small snow accumulations may possibly hold on in the far north, mainly north of I-80, and in New England. In the Great Lakes, chances are low around the southern lakes (Michigan, Erie, Ontario) and higher in the northern lakes (Superior and Huron).

Credit: KFSM


Most mountain ranges in the west will have snow. Some rain may be possible in cities closer to sea-level.

Credit: KFSM

CLOSER LOOK | Northern Plains

Snow chances will be mainly north of I-80 and even north of I-90 for a higher probability. Not much snow is expected this year. A couple inches are possible across North Dakota, into Minnesota, followed by the UP of Michigan. Otherwise chances for a white Christmas are dismal for much of the Plains.

Credit: KFSM

CLOSER LOOK | Northeast

Much of the Northeast and southern Great Lakes have low snow chances. Only inland New England, away from the Atlantic coast, will have a decent shot at a white Christmas. The Adirondacks have a chance too, but much of the lake-effect snow belts will be snow-free this December 25th.

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Temperatures will be too warm for snow in the southern Plains, Ohio River Valley, and Deep South this year. Record highs are possible in some cities in the Ozarks on Christmas Day.

Credit: KFSM


A white Christmas is very likely for most of Alaska this year. Some locations right by the ocean may have more rain than snow, but the transition will be close. Impressive snow amounts are possible inland.

Credit: KFSM


Western Europe will be snow-free except for higher elevations in the Alps, Scottish Highlands, and Pyrenees (between Spain and France). Some light snow is possible in eastern Europe with higher chances for a White Christmas across the border into Russia. Scandinavia will also have high chances for a White Christmas, especially in higher elevations.

Credit: KFSM

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