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What to expect November 2021: Temperatures, daylight, rainfall, and more

It's the last full month of fall but rounds of winter will be likely as temperatures continue to drop and more daylight is lost.

ARKANSAS, USA — Welcome November! We'd really appreciate some more fall weather, not just swings from summer straight to winter... 

What will November 2021 bring? We're taking a look at daylight lost, average snowfall & rainfall, average temperatures, and what jet stream patterns we can expect. Let's start with the cold stuff!


November is the first month of the season that technically snow is expected, at least a very small amount of it. 

- Northwest Arkansas Average NOV Snow:  0.2"

- River Valley Average NOV Snow:  Trace

Generally we stay snow-free in the month of November, but in the past 30 years, we've had a couple Novembers that have brought a quick dose of snow, skewing the data. January tends to be our snowiest month.

Credit: KFSM

Kansas City and other cities northbound tend to get at least an inch of snow in the month of November, with higher totals around the Great Lakes, the northern Plains, and the Rockies.

Credit: KFSM


Generally 3-4 inches of rain falls across Arkansas and Oklahoma this month.


We usually start the month in the 60s and we'll end the month in the 50s (afternoon highs). Overnight lows really start to dip near or below freezing.

- Northwest Arkansas:  START mid 60s -- END mid 50s

- River Valley:  START upper 60s -- END upper 50s


A La Niña pattern is here for the late fall and winter. Generally that means wetter-than-normal conditions in the north and drier-than-normal conditions in the south. That pattern may ring true for November. There is not a particularly wet or dry signal for Arkansas and Oklahoma. Generally expect 3-4 inches by the end of the month.

Credit: KFSM

Warmer-than-normal conditions are expected in the southwest but generally expect many days in the 50s/60s for afternoons for the Ozarks.

Credit: KFSM


More nighttime is on the way this month. This never changes. The amount of daylight lost is based on latitude* (north losing more, south losing less). In the Ozarks and Ouachitas, expect to lose at least 40 minutes

*the map colors show how much you will AT LEAST lose by November 30th

Credit: KFSM

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Nov 1 Forecast

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