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Dangerous cold ahead...

Some of the coldest air we have seen in years will arrive by this weekend.
Credit: kfsm

Dangerous Wind Chills By The Weekend:

Some of the coldest air we have seen in years will settle in by this weekend into early next week. Daytime highs may struggle to get out of the teens with lows near zero by Monday. 

Combine this with a bit of wind, and you get dangerous wind chills like we are expecting. It is likely the National Weather Service will issue Wind Chill alerts for parts of our region next week, but it has been a long time so what are they and what do they mean? 

Credit: kfsm

The NWS starts to issue advisories once the feel like temperature dips to -5, and start to issue warnings at a wind chill of -20. At these levels, frost bite and  hyperthermia can set in within minutes on any skin left exposed to the elements. The same is true for animals so be sure and check on those pets!

The Week Ahead

It is likely we will all be under an advisory by early next week, with some of us even under a warning as the potential for widespread wind chills of -10 to -20 becomes likely. The last time a Wind Chill Warning was issued in our area was 7 years ago on January 6th of 2014! 

The worst of the cold air will begin to filter in on Sunday night continuing into Monday and Tuesday. 

Sunday Night Wind Chill

Credit: kfsm

Monday Wind Chill

Credit: kfsm

The dangerous cold will stick around for several days so it is also important to remember the Three P's! Which includes:

1.) People     2.) Pipes    3.) Pets 

We are also watching snow potential early in the week to go along with the bitter cold, so be sure and keep checking back for updates through the weekend! 


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