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Super pink moon Tuesday night: Will clouds get in the way?

The final supermoon of 2020 will rise tonight but many Americans may not see it well with some cloudy conditions.
Credit: Getty Images, KFSM


7:28 PM*  --  Eastern sky


7:30 AM* -- Western sky

*based on KFYV

A full moon will take place tonight (Tuesday April 7th - Wednesday April 8th) but a ribbon of clouds may make it hard to see from the Gulf Coast, to the Ohio River Valley, to the Northeast. Additional clouds are moving onshore in California.

Credit: KFSM


Lingering high clouds are possible throughout Arkansas and Oklahoma. The farther east you go, the more clouds you can expect. Overall, most of us should be able to see the moon at times, even if it is through some high, thin clouds.

Credit: KFSM

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