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Storm warning fatigue | Alerting Arkansas

Meteorologist Zac Scott visited the National Weather Service in Tulsa to get their take on Warning Fatigue.

ARKANSAS, USA — It's severe weather preparedness week and this year Meteorologist Zac Scott went to the National Weather Service in Tulsa to talk with the Meteorologist In Charge Steve Piltz about warning fatigue. 

Warning fatigue is a real threat to not only the public but also for the forecasters trying to get the word out about potential severe weather over and over again. A long active spring can be exhausting to many physically and mentally. It takes time and effort to get safe places and storm shelters cleaned out and ready before the storms hit.

There are some weeks when the public will be told to stay weather aware numerous times as multiple rounds of thunderstorms roll through. The fear from the forecasters is that as some continue to dodge the severe storms and damage, they will start to not take the next round as seriously, letting their guard down.

Every time a thunderstorm or a tornado watch is issued we know not everyone will be impacted. The watch outlines the area with the most ingredients and the highest potential to see stormy weather.

Those that get through just fine might start to think that the hype was overkill even though areas just 10 or thirty minutes away may have received heavy damage. If it didn't happen to them, then it didn't happen.

The forecasters are always trying to keep the information fresh and updated to keep the public from tuning them out as the active spring drags on.

The reminder is that just because most of the storms haven't been as bad for you up till now, the next round could be eyeing your neighborhood. It only takes one storm to ruin your spring and change your life.

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