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Alerting Arkansas | Severe Weather Special FULL 2022

Spring is tornado season for Arkansas. How stormy will spring 2022 be and how can you and your family prepare right now?

ARKANSAS, USA — Since the year 2000, Arkansas has had an average of 19 tornadoes every spring, including March, April, and May. Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley on average get 5 tornadoes every spring. Your 5NEWS Weather Team is preparing for storm season and is Alerting Arkansas to get your family safe this spring 2022.

EPISODE 1  |  Spring 2022 Severe Weather Outlook

A weakening La Niña will likely impact severe weather season by how jet streams track and their strength.  By June, we may be entering a neutral phase of ENSO. This has happened only a handful of times in the past 30 years, yet most of these scenarios have resulted in fewer tornadoes, yet more hail and wind threats across Arkansas. We are expecting plenty of storms this spring season, but if climate has anything to say, we may get fewer tornadoes across the state.

Full Article --  How stormy will Spring 2022 be | Alerting Arkansas

EPISODE 2  |  Arkansas Tornado Facts

How many tornadoes hit the south and plains every year. Do they tend to hit more at night in Arkansas? Can they cross the Ozarks?

Full Article -- Tornado facts for the Natural State | Alerting Arkansas

EPISODE 3  |  Where to go when a tornado strikes?

Is your family's safety plan ready? When's the last time you practiced? During intense stormy moments, plenty of practice makes for a smooth execution. Tornadoes are serious business in Arkansas and can cause massive damage. Where should you go when you at work, at school, at home, and in the car?

Full Article -- What to do during a tornado | Alerting Arkansas

EPISODE 4  |  Why is severe weather season in the spring?

After a long winter, warm fronts finally are able to bring in more unstable, humid air. However you still need cold air above with the jet stream to create a buoyant atmosphere, helping to create severe storms, including tornadoes.

Full Article --  Why is severe weather season during the spring | Alerting Arkansas

EPISODE 5  |  Why does the south not have basements?

97% of newly built homes in 2018 in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas combined were built on slabs without basements. The majority of homes in the north are constructed with basements. These underground rooms, whether finished or unfinished are a recommended place for families to shelter from tornadoes. However the south and southern Plains get the most tornadoes and basements are hard to find. Why?

Full Article -- Why doesn't the south build basements | Alerting Arkansas

-5NEWS Weather Team

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