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Road-treating supplies sent from NW Arkansas to Southern Arkansas

As crews prepare to treat the roads some Arkansas Department of Transportation locations ran into some supply problems.

ARKANSAS, USA — All day Wednesday, ARDOT has been moving around supply from Northwest Arkansas to other parts of the state, as crews work around the clock to make sure the roads are safe.

"The roads are going to be covered in ice and slush," said Sebastian County Emergency Management Deputy Director, Travis Cooper.

Because of this, Sebastian County road crews are monitoring conditions around the clock.

"The early morning hours, it's going to be slick again," Cooper said. “We're looking at south Sebastian County being the most impacted."

Around the Greenwood, Hackett, and Sugarloaf areas, the county is placing many of its road crews to monitor conditions. With this being an ice storm, crews are worried about more than just slick roads.

"It's possible more power outages may occur," said Cooper.

Cooper says because of this, the county has been in contact with area nonprofits.

"To help us better prepare in terms of warming centers and also sheltering," Cooper said.

Meanwhile, ARDOT has been making sure each county has enough supplies to treat roads. Taking some supplies like salt from Northwest Arkansas and taking it to South Arkansas.

“They get rare situations like this with freezing rain for a couple of days,” said Dave Parker, ARDOT spokesperson. “They need help, and that’s what we're providing by shifting supplies."

Parker says ARDOT splits its winter resources based on which areas are prone to winter weather.

"Northern counties of Arkansas are very well armed with equipment," said Parker.

As we are on day 3 of this winter storm, many, including emergency managers and road crews are ready for the storm to end.

"Fayetteville to Rogers, to Little Rock and West Memphis...we're all going to be happy when Friday and Saturday roll around and maybe we can see the sun," Parker said.

"Hopefully we will be able to see through the light at the end of the tunnel," said Cooper.

With this winter storm, crews say they've been running a rinse-and-repeat type of approach to make sure the roads are clear.


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