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Quick snowy burst may hit parts of Arkansas and Oklahoma Friday morning

A quick clipper system will swing across eastern Oklahoma and Arkansas, potentially bringing a few hours of snow showers. How much will fall, and where?
Credit: KFSM

ARKANSAS, USA — UPDATE:  New snowfall totals down below.

Winter still has 30+ days left and it's not ready to quit across Arkansas and Oklahoma with another round of possible snow Friday morning and midday. We are tracking a clipper system coming in from the Rockies that will quickly swing across the Ozarks and Ouachitas by the end of the week. It has snow with it now, but will it stay as snow with warmer temperatures in the south?

Tap HERE for our interactive radar to track the approaching snow.

How cold we get by Friday morning will dictate how much snow we get, and where it does snow. We are expecting temperatures to drop into the mid 30s in spots. The best chance for snow will be in higher terrain areas, Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma.


  • Light blue = flurries possible, stray patch of accumulated snow
  • Blue = dusting in spots, some places may get a quick light covering of snow
  • High = 1-2"+, expect accumulations in the mountains
Credit: 5NEWS

It's all about the temperature. It will be snowing a thousand or so feet above the ground. Temperatures above 37 may melt most of the flakes before they reach the ground. Temperatures at 36 or colder may allow the flakes to reach the ground, even if above freezing. However, these warmer temperatures will help reduce accumulation, especially on roadways. Bridges and overpasses may still become slick.

Higher terrain areas, even in the River Valley, may be able to get some snow Friday morning and midday.


Ground temperatures have gotten warmer this week after heavy rain, and then sunshine on Thursday. Many of the snowflakes may melt once they hit the ground, but bridges and rural roads may become slick. The best chance for snow will be in Northwest Arkansas. 

The River Valley is a bit trickier. Many locations may see just rain or some snowflakes mixing in. Accumulating chances are low, expect for higher elevations (Mt. Magazine, Cavanal Hill, Sugar Loaf Mountain, Poteau Mountain, etc.)

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Expect some light rain after midnight into early Friday morning. By 4 AM, some locations across NWA may change to some snow. The best burst of snow is likely for the morning commute from 6-9 AM. Flurries are possible until about 1 PM. Snow will wrap up in the mountains by 3 PM.

Credit: KFSM

NWA Timing (best guess)

1 AM - 4 AM:  Rain showers

4 AM - 6 AM:  Mix of rain/snow showers

6 AM - 9 AM:  Burst of snow possible

9 AM - 1 PM:  Flurries possible

River Valley Timing (best guess)

Midnight - 6 AM:  Light rain showers

6 AM - 12 PM:  Light rain showers mixing with snow*

*Higher elevations will get more snow


This is the most asked question, and one of the hardest to answer. Every road is different and also greatly depends on preparation (salt, beet juice).

Credit: 5NEWS Weather

Many roads may stay wet but less-trafficked roads, as well as bridges & overpasses may become slick, especially in the mountains and NWA.


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