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U.S. will gain up to an hour of daylight in January 2022

The northern hemisphere is slowly tilting back towards the sun, helping the United States slowly gain daylight the next several months.

ARKANSAS, USA — Even though January is one of the coldest months of the year across the U.S., it is also the first full month Americans gain daylight -- Up to an hour will be gained through January 31st across the contiguous United States!

The winter solstice was back on Dec 21st. Through Christmas Day and New Year's Day we've slowly started gaining more daylight, a few seconds a day, but that pace accelerates through January, February, and March.


Northern-Tier States:  50-60 minutes added

Central-Tier States:  ~40 minutes added

Southern-Tier States:  20-30 minutes added

The farther north you live, the more you gain. The farther south you live, the less you gain. The greatest swings in daylight and darkness completely depend on latitude. For example, the North Pole is completely dark this time of year, but during the summer, the sun never sets.


Credit: KFSM

Each color indicates how much you will at least add this month. For example, in Arkansas, the entire state will at least gain 30 minutes. Specifically it will be close to 34-38 minutes gained depending on location.


Earlier sunrises and later sunsets are in the forecast for the Natural State as we gain daylight. 

Credit: KFSM

Specifically in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley, sunsets will take place after 5:30 PM by the end of the month.

Credit: KFSM

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