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Is 53 the perfect fall temperature?

A recent survey claims to have identified the perfect fall temperature.

The leaves have changed colors, the air is getting cooler by the day -- downright brutal in some places -- and the days are getting shorter. It won't be long until winter arrives, but before it does, there are still about two months of fall remaining and the researchers behind a recent survey say they've pinpointed what Americans think the "perfect" fall temperature is.

Drumroll please: According to the survey, the perfect fall temperature is 53 degrees Fahrenheit.

One thing about the survey that really caught our attention here at AccuWeather was the perfect fall temperature. Fifty-three degrees seemed to many in the AccuWeather newsroom to be a wee bit chilly to be considered a "perfect" temperature.

But when looking at some fall temperature data we noticed that the 53-degree mark is actually the average temperature for the entirety of fall in two states. Both Illinois and Indiana have an average temperature of 53.8 during autumn, according to data collected by weather stations over a 30-year period.

Also interesting, according to the same data set, is that the average temperature for fall in the lower 48 states is 53.9 degrees.

Perhaps the poll results are on to something. What do you think? What's your perfect fall temperature? Vote in our poll below.

The survey was conducted by a research firm on behalf of Stuffed Puffs and also found that autumn is the happiest season for almost two-thirds of Americans, many of whom indicated that they enjoy the chilly air and a cup of hot chocolate.

The survey, which collected the replies from 2,000 Americans, showed that 56% of participants claimed to be happiest during fall. Many respondents attributed their answers to the cooler weather and the colorful scenery from fall foliage along with the fun activities and holidays associated with this time of the year.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt life across the country, the season that is beloved by many is shaping up to be a little different this year than usual, as some popular fall activities will have to be adjusted.

Almost one-third of those who took part in the survey said they've been unable to participate in the activities they normally take part in due to the pandemic. That means no trick-or-treating or outdoor events for many, which is a letdown considering that some 40% of respondents indicated that their favorite part of the fall was getting ready for Halloween. The survey also found that the majority of fall-lovers tend to be more adventurous.

This year, many have chosen to opt for safer alternatives to traditional fall outdoor activities. According to the survey, 68% said that they are planning for more quiet, indoor activities for this fall.

Earlier this season, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released Halloween guidelines for COVID-19, which highlight high, moderate and low-risk activities for partaking in holiday fun.

Whether it is eating more holiday food -- which 28% said they planned on doing -- or having a horror movie marathon, indoor activities will be more prevalent this year.

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