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Meet Olga, the K9 officer working to keep holiday travelers safe

As thousands of people are set to hit the skies this holiday season, there's plenty of security to keep you safe— including one officer that you might not expect.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — At the Clinton National Airport, things are taking off and picking up.

"We always know during the holidays, there's going to be a lot of travelers," LRPD Officer Wayne Kelly said.

For Kelly, this is one of the busiest times of the year, but also an exciting one.

"The way I see it, if you want a job in which you have excitement every day, you can come be a police officer," Kelly said, laughing.

He spends most of his shifts at the airport, keeping an eye on travelers. His partner is just as attentive— but instead of using her eyes, she uses her nose.

K-9 Officer Olga is an integral part of keeping travelers safe this holiday season.

"She does a great job," Kelly said. "She'll pick up on anything."

According to airport officials, close to 80,000 people traveled through the airport over the Thanksgiving weekend, and thousands more are set to hit the skies in the coming weeks.

With that many people, sometimes you need a little help— and that's where Olga comes in.

"When we do have a call or something like that, she's going to be on point," he said. "She's going to be working, she's going to be determined and she's going to have that drive."

Sniffing out suspicious bags and activity is a big part of Olga's job. Officer Kelly said that stopping something before it happens can be difficult.

"Half the time I'm not even worried about myself, you know," he said. "If there's something in it, she's gonna alert and let me know, that way we can evacuate the area and get everything squared away."

It's easier, of course, with a partner like Olga. While the skies may be a little crowded this time of year, there's a team keeping an eye, and a nose, out for you.

"We're here to keep you safe, don't be afraid to travel, airports are a safe place to be," Kelly said. "Me and Olga, we're going to take care of you."


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