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Debunking some tornado related myths that may be out there

Find out what the science says.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — We're in the height of severe weather season and Arkansas is no stranger to tornadoes. It's time to clear the air on some tornado related myths that may be out there.

If you ever find yourself driving in the middle of the highway during a tornado warning, never seek shelter under an over-pass. Not only can you still be impacted by flying debris, the bridge itself is not a strong enough structure against a tornado. 

The pile up of cars underneath an overpass may block or trap people and emergency vehicles trying to get to safety and cause crashes.

Another myth is that bigger cities are protected from tornadoes because of all the tall buildings. 

Large metro areas like Nashville and Birmingham to name a few have both been significantly impacted by tornadoes in recent years. It may seem that bigger cities aren't as prone to being hit by one, but that's just because there are more rural areas.

When seeking shelter, you've probably heard your local meteorologists talking about getting to a basement or finding a safe space in your home. 

The myth that the southwest corner of a home will protect you from debris is an outdated belief. Tornadoes move in all directions. When taking cover, you must find an interior room on the lowest level of your building, away from windows.

During this severe weather season make sure you have a preparedness and safety plan in place ahead of the next outbreak.

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