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Vaughan Rushing Towards Special Senior Season

Springdale RB Grows On And Off The Field Following Injury

Springdale (KFSM) -  When it comes to running back Garrett Vaughan, sometimes it’s hard for Springdale head coach Zak Clark to find the right words

"You know, Garrett is Garrett, I’m running out of superlatives to talk about him."

Vaughan was putting together a special 2017 campaign before a hand injury sidelined him for three weeks. That gave him a new perspective, and plenty of motivation for 2018.

"Last year, not being able to play was the hardest thing for me, so that’s what I want to do, keep on the field," says Vaughan.

"He’s got an understanding of hey, you’re not guaranteed anything, every play could be your last," adds Clark. "There’s a sense of urgency with him, and you know I can’t say that there’s a guy on the team that enjoys playing more than Garrett."

His abilities aren't lost on his teammates, like fellow senior Jaden Cornelius.

"You can make a hole the size of a penny and he’ll still find a way to get through it."

Through two weeks, Vaughan has already put up 319 rushing  yards and 7 touchdowns, but it’s his consistent senior presence that might be most important to a Springdale program filled with change. The normally quiet Vaughan knew he would have to step up.

"Last year, I was more focused on getting on the field since the injury, but this year I'm worried more about how my teammates are feeling, how they’re doing."

Cornelius thinks it's just more of Garrett doing what Garrett has always done.

"I think he has nothing to prove, everything he’s doing he’s doing for us, he always puts everybody in front of him, and even when he’s dropping back and blocking, he’ll take a hit for our quarterback."

And Clark isn't looking forward to a future without the star.

"When your best player is your hardest worker, most unselfish, you’ve really got something special."