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UA makes adjustments to improve game day experience at Razorback Stadium

The University of Arkansas has made changes to make entry into Razorback Stadium easier for those attending football games.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — It’s week two of Arkansas football season and another large crowd is expected inside Razorback Stadium Saturday, Sept. 9, for the first SEC game. 

Fans attending last week's home opener may have experienced a few hiccups though that University of Arkansas (U of A) officials are now addressing.

If you were one of the nearly 75,000 fans who were at Razorback Stadium last Saturday, Sept. 3, you may have had to wait in line to get into the stadium. The university has now made some adjustments to keep the lines moving for the rest of the home games.

“When 75,000 people all try to come in at the same time there is going to be some lines, there is going to be so much traffic but we are trying to move them as quick as possible,” said U of A Senior Associate Athletic Director Kevin Trainor.

University officials say each ticket has a suggested gate printed on it but that is not the only gate you can enter. In fact, every gate except for 12 and 17 is open to the public.

"If one gate is really crowded, go on down a little bit, you’ll be able to find quicker entry into the stadium and help us get fans into their seats ready for game day," Trainor said.

Trainor wants to remind fans to download their tickets before coming to campus so you are ready to scan them once it’s your turn to go inside.

"The metal detectors deployed last week worked really well, people just need to walk through, you don’t need to take anything out of your pocket," he said.
"So, we are looking for ways to make the entry more efficient."

They also made some adjustments to the bus route for the Baum Stadium east parking lot. 

Trainor encourages fans to use alternative ways to get to the game like parking in the entertainment district and riding the bus to the stadium.

"This is like a football game, every week you go back, you review what went well, what didn’t go well and try and make those adjustments," he said. "So, we appreciate the patience of our fans and again, make those plans early, know where you are parking, know the traffic routes and that will make it much more efficient for you."

A survey is emailed out to ticketholders after each game. The university encourages everyone to give their feedback so they can make adjustments to improve the game day experience.

The Hogs take on South Carolina at 11 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 10, on ESPN.

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