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Sam Pittman will not coach Saturday's Razorback game after testing positive for COVID-19

Razorback head coach Sam Pittman has tested positive for COVID-19 twice this week. He will not coach Saturday's game against Florida.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — University of Arkansas head football coach Sam Pittman will not coach the Razorback's game against Florida Saturday (Nov. 14) after testing positive for COVID-19 again on Tuesday. 

The University of Arkansas athletic department released the following message about Pittman's positive test: 

"Head Coach Sam Pittman’s follow up PCR test has confirmed his positive result from Sunday as part of the normal testing protocol. As a result, he will not coach Saturday’s game at Florida. He will remain in isolation at home and continue to be a part of team meetings virtually."

The university first announced that Pittman had tested positive for the virus on Monday. 

Pittman answered the following questions during an SEC Teleconference on Wednesday (Nov. 11).

Pittman commented on his health saying: 

"Our team is looking forward to going down there. Unfortunately, I won't get to go but I do appreciate Coach Mullen saying that he has prayed for me and our family. I appreciate that very very very much."

What he said about staying at home in quarantine and conducting meetings virtually:

"I'm feeling fine. I was sore in the back starting a little bit Saturday night, you know after the game.  But I just felt like that was from standing up. I'm not the picture of health you know? So, I thought maybe it would be, my back was just hurting from the game and then Saturday a little worse and then of course Monday morning I was told that I had tested positive. The great thing is is that nobody else in our building has over the last two tests. We got confirmed tests from yesterday as well. Virtually you know, we've done it so much, I'm in every team meeting, I'm able to speak to the team. Basically, the difference is, we have our staff meeting and all of those things. Basically, the difference is you know, that personal interaction with the kids and then I am not at practice. You know, certainly, watch it at night and review it with the coaches and staff but I'm just no at practice is basically the difference. And I'm fortunate I got a little house out back of mine where me and my dog are hanging out for certainly the next few days. 10 or 11 days total."

He said this about how his wife is handling his coronavirus diagnosis:

"She is great! Obviously, I wanted her to get tested and she tested and she tested negative. She's doing just fine and she's staying in the main house and I'm staying out outback."

Pittman said this about how he will watch the Razorbacks play at home this Saturday:

"No. I can't go in the main house. I'll be out here watching it by myself. I might get Lucy my bulldog come out here with me. I'd be lying to you if I'm not somewhat depressed you know? That's why you get into coaching, to go see your kids play, see their face, see them play. You know, I was looking forward to visiting with Coach Mullen. I've never talked to him. I enjoy those times before the game. Obviously, I wanted to see in person the Florida team that we are playing. I think they are really outstanding and you know, we are all competitors and I wanted to go be a part of the competition. You know, I certainly am during the week but Friday and Saturday with the team is priceless and uh I don't want to make more out of it than what it is. Certainly, Coach Odom will be there and doing a great job but I won't and I'm certainly going to miss that."

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