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As Hog fans flock to Fayetteville for season opener, NWA expects big economic impact

There will be seven Razorback football games in Fayetteville this season.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Razorback game week is here and that means lots of Hog fans near and far will be making their way to Fayetteville for Saturday’s season opener.

Shops, hotels, restaurants and everything in between will see a big boom in business once football season starts and this year is no exception.

“It’s off the hook crazy. Razorback fans are stoked, and it all starts Saturday,” said Robert Mann, owner of the Stadium Shoppe on Razorback.

Mann says they sell any and everything Razorbacks and that they’ve already seen the hype for football season.

"Last year we had record sales," he said. "Football was good, basketball, you know, we got really good there towards the end. Baseball went to Omaha, we had a really good sports season last year. This year’s football team looks like it’s going to be better."

Football season brings in the most people, which Mann says leads to the most sales.

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"Last year we had some issues with the supply chain," he said. "This year my wife and I, my son, we sat down with our vendors and we ordered a ton of stuff, so we won’t run out of product this year like we did last year."

Steve Clark, president and CEO of the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce, says football season as a whole has a huge economic impact on the area.

"We estimate that every person who comes to town to see the football games is going to spend $120 to $140 per person. So, when you drive into that city limits… cha-ching, you know,” he said.

This football season, there will be six games played at Razorback Stadium since none will be played in Little Rock. So, this means there is an extra weekend that Hog fans will flock to Fayetteville. 

Clark says besides the direct economic impact, people are coming to our area for the first time which is a chance to try and attract them to move here.

"Getting them here is a chance to attract them to bring their business here or bring a portion of their business here and we see that happening," he said. "So, one more game, it’s just one more opportunity. And of course, we’ve got a really great home schedule, we play some powerhouse teams. It’s going to draw record crowds."

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