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Razorback fans shatter Jell-O shot challenge during College World Series

The College World Series is in full swing and Diamond Hog fans are making their presence known, breaking Omaha's Jell-O Shot Challenge by nearly 4,000 and counting.

OMAHA, Neb. — The 2022 Men's College World Series is in full swing in Omaha, Nebraska and it's bringing a lot of customers to a local business as well.

The surge in business is all part of Rocco's 2022 Jell-O Shot Challenge, with Diamond Hog fans bringing in the most money for the business. 

The Jell-O shots are each priced at $4.50, and when you bring in 6526 Hog fans.. well that results in a lot of money -- $29,367 to be exact.

Here's a look at how much each school made for Rocco's

  • Arkansas: 6526 shots for $29,367.
  • Ole Miss: 5428 shots for $24,426.
  • Texas A&M: 611 shots for $2,749.50
  • Notre Dame: 399 shots for $1,795.50.
  • Oklahoma: 356 shots for $1,602.
  • Auburn: 355 shots for $1,597.50.
  • Texas: 224 shots for $1,008.
  • Stanford: 160 shots for $720.

The grand total when you factor in all of these fans? Well, these schools have brought in $63,265.50 so far for Rocco's

With the Diamond Hogs taking on Auburn tonight, we can only guess that Razorback fans will expand on their 1,000 shot lead over Ole Miss as they continue to support the Hogs. 

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