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Razorback coach Dave Van Horn celebrates an OmaHog Father's Day

Most people know Dave Van Horn as head coach of the Razorbacks baseball team. But his two daughters, know a different side to the Head Hog

OMAHA, Neb. — Most Hog fans know that Dave Van Horn, head coach of the Razorbacks baseball team is known as DVH. But to to his two daughters, Hollan and Mariel, DVH stands for 'Dad Van Horn.'

“He’s just a really kind, sweet, girl dad,” Hollan said.

Of course, when dad is also the head coach for the Razorbacks, June can be a bit different.

“Every year Father’s Day falls during the College World Series, so we’re either here or were not," she said. "It’s a lot better when we’re here because it always means our baseball team has made it here.”

Anytime that they have been in Omaha, there’s one essential family activity that must be done. 

“We’re all gonna go down and take a picture in front of the statue, that’s what I’ve been told I’m doing,” Dave laughed.

Dave has passed his love of the game down to his daughters.

Hollan also mentioned that their family, has always been "the family at dinner that is watching the other baseball games on our phone, we just love it.”

But there have been times where Van Horn has said he regrets that.

“Dad never initiates any baseball talk but we do,” Hollan said. “He comes home in his uniform still on and we’re like, ok what about this or what about this.”

For DVH, baseball and fatherhood have always gone hand in hand.

"It’s about tough love and making decisions, and people aren’t always happy with what you have to say or how you handle things, you can be frustrated one day and think it’s the greatest thing the next,” he said.

His daughters wouldn’t have wanted it to be any other way.

"It’s really indescribable what he means to me. He’s been a great dad all our lives and always puts being a dad first," Hollan said. "We want this for him as much as anyone, and so we’re just so thankful for him and hope for continued success.”

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