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New Arkansas Football Facility Impresses Fans

The Fred W. Smith Football Center was opened to the public as fans toured the 40 million dollar facility.

It took 40 million dollars to build this more than 40,000 square foot facility, but everyone agrees, it's money well spent.

"Well it's completely different from when I was up here," said Arkansas alumni of 1970 David Alphine. "This is a far cry from Wilson Matthews old saw dust pit in Barnhill arena behind the basketball court, this is 180 degrees different."

"Money well spent," said Jerry Tucker of Fayetteville. "Something you have to have, college football is an arms race, people have it, you need it. Recruits love it, if it helps get players, makes them better, perfect their craft. I think it's much needed."

Fans of all ages toured the facility, wowing all of them.

"I'd love to be down here again," said Spencer Haley of Lowell. "When I first saw it I was like 'Wow' and I was just amazed."

"It's incredible," said Mark Baber of Marion. "I've watched it, every time I'd come to Fayetteville during the construction phase I'd have to drive by and just watch the thing coming up and I'm thrilled to have an opportunity to see it and it's very impressive."

With such a state of the art facility, fans are excited for the possible recruits it can draw in.

"If I was a recruit," said Will Lambley of Owasso. "I would want to go to Arkansas because of this."

"If I was a recruit and this was the facility I saw, it would definitely be a good incentive to come here," said Arkansas student Kisa Clark. "It's very impressive and overall for Fayetteville having a good facility like this, it can only be helpful for the university and the town as a whole."

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