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Gravette Senior First Female Lacrosse Recruit In State

Sam Roth is the first female not only from Gravette High School to re recruited for lacrosse, but she is also the first female in the Arkansas of Arkansas to si...

GRAVETTE (KFSM) - Sam Roth isn't your typical high school athlete.

"I'm heading to Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri," Roth said.

Roth is the first female not only at Gravette High School, but also in the state of Arkansas to be recruited to play collegiate lacrosse.

"Out of the whole state again I didn't actually realize again that I was the first woman. Lacrosse is a very growing sport, but it hasn't quite hit Arkansas yet," Roth said.

But she's  actually relatively new to lacrosse herself, starting four years ago.

"My lacrosse journey started freshman year after I quit basketball. I actually googled NWA lacrosse and northwest Arkansas, and there it was, NWA Black Diamonds. I got the coaches information and was invited to my first practice, and I haven't looked back from there," Roth said.

From there she went to play for a recruitment team in Kansas City. After committing to Rockhurst, Roth decided not to play on a team her senior season. Now, she trains alone.

"Getting up in the mornings, running, playing wall ball, keeping just those basic skills so that I'm not completely dead when I get to the collegiate level," Roth said.

Training alone isn't without it's challenges.

"I would definitely say I'm a competitive person. So, having that teammate, like going head-to-head to everything we do, I feel like not having that while I was training by myself, I don't know, would have definitely been a positive," Roth said.

Now, it's all about pushing herself.

"I'm definitely doing the best I can. I can't wait for next season," Roth said.

Roth always knew she wanted to be a collegiate athlete. She just never expected it to be lacrosse.