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Disc Golf Popularity Growing in NWA

With multiple courses in the area, the sport of disc golf is catching more attention.

Its a bird, its a plane, no its just disc golf. Played like traditional golf with a driver disc, a fairway disc, and a putting disc. Players aim for a chained basket in a certain number of throws. Disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports in Northwest Arkansas.

"When I started playing, there was Gulley park in Fayetteville," said Professional Disc Golfer Kyle McClure. "One course, nobody knew anything about the game, since then we are up to at least seven courses in the area from Bella Vista all the way down to lake Fayetteville, Springdale."

McClure is also part of the EDGE program that is an educational disc golf experience where mutilple middle schools in the area are building nine hole courses as a class for students to learn about the game. There is one major advantage to disc golf over traditional golf.

"The biggest advantage is cost," said J.C. Mitchell of Bentonville. "The costs of the discs range anywhere from $8 or $9 up to about $15 to $17 depending on the type and quality of plastic you get."

With cheap costs its easy and wise to have multiple discs out when playing. Every now and then a disc may land in a retrievable pond or just get lost in the swamp.

"I've lost my fair share, that's for sure," said Mitchell. "There's equipment out there where you can actually recover discs out of water and stuff if you can see it, there's also a fair quantity that I have never found."

Despite some lost discs these group of friends really enjoy the game for several reasons.

"It sounds kind of cliche but I just like to watch the frisbees fly," said Matthew Wright of Springdale. "Watch the way they bend."

"It's a nice getaway from the hustle and bustle," said Ricky Lackey of Rogers. "You can get out here, it's an inexpensive hobby."

"It's something that anybody can enjoy," said McClure. "It can be anything from a family to just two people coming out."