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BLOG: Baseball Makes Huge Mistake

MLB continues to get in it’s own way; continues to be detriment to sport.
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When will Major League Baseball figure it out?

How much longer do we have to go through the charades of the past?

It is time for the sport of professional baseball to do something. Either kick all parties associated with performance enhancing drugs out of the sport (record books and all) or get over it and let them in the hall of fame.

For the first time since 1996, Major League Baseball will not induct a single player into the Hall of Fame. Not Craig Biggio. Not Dale Murphy. Not Roger Clemens or Barry Bonds.

You can argue Biggio or Murphy. But Clemens is hands downs a top five pitcher of all time. Bonds may be the best player of all time.

The likes of Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, etc. deserve to be in the hall of fame. But the writers refuse to vote them in because of something that was not even banned in the sport. Yes it was illegal but not banned in MLB.

Baseball continues to harp on the traditions of the game. Traditions like 70 year old men, who never played the sport, to determine who was great or not?

Though processes like this is why MLB has lost interest in recent years. They refuse to further their sport.

I’m not asking for drastic rule changes or tweaks to the sport itself.

As a brand, Major League Baseball needs to do something. Before it is completely passed by every other sport.