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Which team is the best fit for trade candidate DeAndre Hopkins? | Locked on NFL

DeAndre Hopkins seems likely to get traded to a new team this offseason, who is the best fit for the future Hall of Famer?

GLENDALE, Arizona — The trade market for five time Pro Bowl wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins is heating up, with a reunion in Arizona looking less and less likely for the 31-year-old. 

NFL insider Benjamin Allbright listed four teams as interested in Hopkins' services, while having the capital to make a trade work: the New England Patriots, New York Giants, Tennessee Titans, and Atlanta Falcons.

Locked on NFL hosts Tyler Rowland and Alex Clancy aren't sure they see a desirable fit among these teams, thanks to lackluster quarterback play with those franchises.

"If I had to pick one of those four teams as a fit for Hopkins the only one I would pick is the Giants." Rowland said. "Just because you trust Brian Daboll, they went to a playoff game last year, and the need is there."

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Of course, there could be more than just those four teams with interest in Hopkins, and Rowland goes on to say his preferred destination for the future Hall of Famer:

"The Bills need a real number two wide receiver," Rowland said. "They need to go all out this year. He [Hopkins] could be a safety blanket for Josh Allen. That would help Stefon Diggs get more open too."

Arizona reportedly wants a second round pick as the primary compensation, although teams haven't showed willingness to pay the price considering Hopkins' recent injury history.

Whether Arizona gets what they are asking for Hopkins remains to be seen. For more on Hopkins and the trade rumors, check out the Locked on Cardinals podcast.

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