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Football Friday Night Previews: Greenwood

The Bulldogs are putting in the work to defend their title

GREENWOOD, Ark. — In Chris Young’s first season as head coach, the Greenwood Bulldogs capped a perfect season with state championship number ten. But Young knows there’s no resting on your laurels in title town.

“I just think it’s going back to work”

“Good year, remember that, but it’s a new year, new guys,” adds junior Storm Scherrey. Senior Parker Gill agrees.

“Great feeling to have knowing what we did last year, but you just gotta remember it’s a new season, news guys, new schedule. Just gotta come out and play Bulldog football and get it done.”

If there’s a thought that keeps the rest of the 6A up at night, it’s this: last year’s unbeaten title team did so with a truncated off season. This year…

“You gotta work harder then you did last year,” says senior Corben Webb. “We’ve got a lot more time to spend together this year than we did last year, so I feel like we’re going to pick up where we left off, or better.”

Greenwood loses a lot, including some big name offensive weapons. But the Bulldogs have a tendency to reload, not rebuild.

“We’re going to figure out what we do well. We’re not going to be stubborn and try to run the exact same stuff as last year, we’re gonna base what we do on what we have,” says Young. “We have some playmakers on the edge, playmakers on the edge, and we’re comfortable at quarterback, so we’ll figure out as the year goes what we’re good at and what our strengths are and that’s what we’ll stick with.”

And Gill thinks the senior laden defense is ready to lead the way.”

“We’re ready to hit somebody. We’ve got a lot of kids coming back, a lot of juniors who played last year, and we’re just ready to hit somebody.”

There’s just something about putting on that Greenwood uniform, says Scherrey.

“It’s definitely special compared to other towns. We fill the stadium up on Friday nights, whole town rallies around us, it’s a special experience.”

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