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Broquard sisters enjoying leading Siloam Springs' attack together

In their first year playing on the same team, Jetta and Mesa Broquard have combined for 52 goals on a Panthers team that is undefeated in conference play.

SILOAM SPRINGS, Ark. — When Siloam Springs girls’ soccer coach Abby Jones is filling out her starting lineup, there’s not too much debate about who’s playing in attack.

“Any time she starts the lineup, she’ll say this person is here, this person is here, and the Broquard sisters up top,” said Mesa Broquard, Siloam Springs’ freshman forward.

Up top, it's a case of double trouble for the Lady Panthers.

Junior forward Jetta Broquard plays out on the wing.

“Her power is just unmatched, and I think that comes across in her personality too—she has a desire to win,” Jones said.

Playing alongside her sister for the first time is freshman Mesa Broquard at center forward.

“I think Mesa understands the game very well,” Jones said. “She’s a lot like Jetta in the fact that she wants to win and she wants to score goals. That’s what makes a good forward: you’re hungry for goals.”

And the Broquard sisters have been feasting all season.

The pair have combined for 52 goals on the season (29 for Jetta, 23 for Mesa), helping Siloam Springs remain undefeated in conference play with one game left. Both players have had explosive games, with Jetta scoring six goals in a win against Alma, and Mesa scoring four goals in Tuesday's win over Van Buren.

“We want to do the best we can for the team, so I think having double of us has made it so much (more fun),” Jetta said.

The key to their success: the chemistry they have as sisters translating onto the field.

“People call it like our telepathy, but it truly is,” Jetta said. “She’s just another me out there.”

“It’s just like some things that we do,” Mesa said. “We’ll play a ball to each other and it’ll perfectly go to them, or they’ll read our mind and make that perfect run.”

It’s a connection that their head coach noticed right away.

“That has been really cool,” Jones said. “I know a lot of sisters, they don’t get along. Those two get along so well. They do balance each other, they support each other and they make each other better.”

The Broquards know how they want to end the season.

“I’ve always been so excited at the thought of winning with my sister, so to win a state championship would be really fun too.”

But they’ll remember something even more important from their time playing together for Siloam Springs.

“I think it’ll be how close we got for me,” Jetta said. “Yeah, we played together, but our bond has just gotten so much better every single day."

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