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VERIFY: Is it safe to eat snow?

It falls from evaporated water. So, it is pure water, better than you get from the faucet.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Okay, folks, we've got a lot of snow out there right now. And we get it, the snow looks beautiful... and sometimes... even appetizing.

Many of you have sent us pictures and recipes for things like "snow ice cream" or "snow cones." People have been doing it for generations; some even saving snow in deep freezers for years.

But is snow okay to eat?

We asked Dr. Nawab Ali, who studies and teaches microbiology at the University of Arkansas Little Rock if there's any harm in eating snow.

He says there could be issues with eating large quantities, but for the most part, just be careful where you're grabbing the snow… and of course, pay attention to its color.

“The color should be really white. Snow white,” Dr. Ali said. “It falls from evaporated water. So, it is pure water. Better than you get from the faucet."

Dr. Ali says he used to eat snow as a child in India, so he understands the fun of it.

Just stick to small amounts of freshly fallen snow.

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