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Thanksgiving Holiday Travel Rates Are Breaking Records

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) — If you’re driving to your Thanksgiving day destination, you’re not alone. Many people are getting ready to hit the road ...

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) — If you're driving to your Thanksgiving day destination, you're not alone. Many people are getting ready to hit the road for the holidays.

“I do not enjoy driving, and I do not enjoy traffic," said L.B. Hudson.

Some people love to get home but hate the trek back.

Emme Noyse is a freshman at the University of Arkansas, and her professors canceled class so students could head home early.

“It’s nice. I can get on the road early, spend a few extra days with my family...for out of state kids, it’s really nice because we have a longer trek home," said Noyse.

According to Triple AAA, nearly 50 million Americans will be driving for the holidays to get to their turkey traditions this year.

Triple AAA says that this is the second-highest travel volume since they began tracking holiday travel.

“When there’s more people on the road, you’re more likely to get in a wreck," said Noyse.

Wednesday is expected to be the busiest travel day, so the earlier you can leave, the better.

L.B. Hudson has a five and half hour drive and says he's making sure he's prepared on Wednesday morning.

“Tuesday night I’m going to make sure the car is ready to go for Wednesday morning, I’ll go get gas Tuesday night as well.”

Because of the predicted traffic, many people plan to leave early and hit the road as soon as possible.

“I think it’s important, because one, you have the safety issue because people are going crazy on Thanksgiving. They’re in a rush to get there. People are already frustrated because they’re running late, so you don’t want to be caught in that later traffic,” said Hudson.

L.B. Hudson is preparing for the long drive home.

“Thanksgiving and Christmas are really the only two times out of the year my family gets together, and so we're very much in a rush to get down there and spend as much time as we can with them, and part of that detail is leaving early," said Hudson.

There's expected to be over a million more travelers on the road this year because of lower gas prices.

Cities like Houston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Boston and New York City could see up to three times more their normal traffic...So if you're going there, be sure to prepare for traffic.