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Attorneys for man beaten during violent arrest in Arkansas speak out about his health

Attorneys Carrie Jernigan and David Powell announced they will be representing Randal Worcester, the man whose violent arrest by three officers was caught on tape.

MULBERRY, Ark. — Attorneys for Randal Worcester's speak on their hopes for his future and his health.

Two Crawford County deputies were suspended and a Mulberry police officer is on administrative leave after a video surfaced showing a violent arrest, causing outrage on social media.

In the video, the three law enforcement officers are seen on top of Worcester allegedly using excessive force, at a convenience store in Mulberry, Arkansas on Sunday, Aug. 21.

Attorneys Carrie Jernigan and David Powell are representing Worcester. Originally, the day after the arrest he was arraigned and given a public defender but around noon the same day, it was revealed that attorneys Jernigan and Powell would represent him. He was released from jail Monday afternoon.

They say Worcester had multiple scratches on his face and knees and that he complained of pain in his head. They described the right side of his face as purple and swollen.

"He seems to be in good spirits today," Powell said. "Obviously, he's still sore, Believe he's maybe more sore today than he was yesterday. But he indicates that he has faith in the process and we think it's in good hands."

Powell says their interest sparked after seeing the video of the arrest online. The attorneys were horrified this happened in their backyard but are glad that someone was there to capture it.

"I am obviously glad for my client, that someone did pull out there and their camera phones able to capture this," Powell said. "Otherwise, may not ever know what happened to him"

"I think it could have gotten much worse because I think the brutality was escalating," Jernigan said. "I'm just thankful she stood up for what she believed in."

According to the attorneys, Worcester mentioned it essentially being an attack on the ground for what seemed like a couple of minutes.

"There just has to be a point where if the ability to subdue— once that ends— you cannot use excessive force," Jernigan said. "It violates the Fourth Amendment that is to protect us from excessive force against law."

Powell and Jernigan say they believed Crawford County Sheriff Jimmy Damante is truthful in explaining that the incident was not indicative of what was happening around the country. However, this matter must be taken seriously.

"Our hope is there's not a trial because charges will not be formally filed," Jernigan said. "If there is a trial in this situation, I hope it's one of the officers."

According to court documents, in July 2021, Worcester was charged with assaulting a police officer in Oklahoma City after several calls were made of a man matching Worcester's description "attempting to jump in front of vehicles."

The responding officer saw Worcester "step towards a vehicle that was passing," and when he "attempted to guide" Worcester away from the road and toward his patrol car, Worcester "struck" the officer in the face with a closed fist, according to the probable cause affidavit.

5NEWS will update this article with more details as they become available.

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