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Arkansas among states with highest motorcycle deaths, study finds

A recent study shows that motorcycle deaths in Arkansas have risen 21% since 2019.

ARKANSAS, USA — According to a study done by Quote Wizard, Arkansas ranks as one of the states with the highest motorcycle deaths within the United States. 

There were 80 motorcycle fatalities reported in 2020, a 21% increase from 2019. This means that for every 10,000 residents, 11 have died in a motorcycle-related incident. 

Motorcycle deaths have also risen nationwide since 2019, with motorcycle fatalities up 11%. The study found that these incidents were strongly influenced by alcohol, climate and helmet use. 

Alcohol accounted for 32% of motorcycle deaths. In some cases, the person killed was below the legal limit, however, 26% of fatalities involved someone who was legally intoxicated.

Further data suggests that southern states with warm weather had higher motorcycle deaths than northern states. This is likely due to the warmer weather creating a more conducive riding environment for motorcyclists. 

Studies found that wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle can help to prevent fatalities when involved in an accident. 

To read more on this study and other motorcycle fatality numbers in other states, click here

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