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Hillary Clinton gives speech at Crystal Bridges

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton spoke at Crystal Bridges as part of the “We the People: Radical Notion of Democracy" series.

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — On Wednesday, Nov. 30, former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke to a sold-out crowd of 600 people at Crystal Bridges Museum of Modern Art.

"I've been a follower of Hillary's for my whole life," said attendee Paula Haraway.

Haraway says the tickets were a birthday gift, and that she made the trip from Sallisaw to Bentonville to watch Clinton speak.

"It feels like she's one of us, I love to hear her speak," Haraway said after watching the speech.

Clinton spoke about a series of issues, including how and if the constitution provides clear instructions on how to run our elections.

"Do you think some of those things, some of the checks and balances should be more codified?" asked the moderator and Director of the Diane Blair Center of Southern Politics and Society at the University of Arkansas, Dr. Angie Maxwell.

"Well, I didn't until I was troubled to see our elections—which have always been a centerpiece of our exercise of democracy—being so targeted."

During the event, Clinton also spoke about her career and experiences with international leaders.

"It was amazing, we had the best time," said Haraway. "The questions were incredible. It was so enlightening and so inspiring."

She also talked about the leaked SCOTUS opinion that overturned Roe v. Wade.

"The court took made that decision to obliterate the right to privacy because the right to privacy is not mentioned in the constitution. But neither are AR-15s."

"We have time for one more question, will democracy survive," Maxwell asked.

"Absolutely, yes," Clinton shouted.

However, she says she does worry about the impact of disinformation on our democracy.

"If you live in a world of disinformation and you have no idea who to believe and who to trust, by definition a democracy can't work," Clinton said.

If you missed Clinton's speech you can watch it on the Crystal Bridges website. The next speaker will be Congresswoman Liz Cheney on Monday, December 19.

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