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A step-by-step on how to fill out an absentee ballot request form

We've received a lot of questions from people asking how to fill out the absentee ballot request form, so we're making it as easy as possible for you.

Many of you are voting absentee for the first time this year.

And even if you have done it before, this year is totally different because of, well you know, the whole COVID-19 thing.

We've received a lot of questions from people asking how to fill out the absentee ballot request form. It's okay if you are confused. You're not alone.

That's why we are making this as easy as possible for you. 

So let's break it down.

First, print the form from the election guide article we have on our website, here: 

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Then, fill out the date and address of your county clerk's office.

Next, you'll see a question asking why you're requesting an absentee ballot.

If you're requesting because of COVID concerns, which is allowed this year, you need to mark the first box-- "unavoidably absent on election day" for that first section.

Next, mark that you live in the county where you're registered. 

The third section is where a lot of people had questions. Which ballot do you need? And do you have to list a favored party?

If you're just trying to get a ballot for the general election November 3, mark the third box titled "General Election/Nonpartisan Runoff & General Election Runoff."

You don't need to enter any party details. You should only do that if you want to get ballots for all elections in an entire calendar year. You can see on the form if you are eligible for that and not everyone is.

Finally, you need to choose how you want to get your ballot sent to you.

Most people find it easiest to have it mailed to them. It's important you write your address clearly and correctly here.

Then, you'll fill out your address again and sign your name and list your birthday.

And you're almost good to go, just make sure to review everything you did and make sure there isn't any incorrect or missing information.

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Once you're confident it is all good to go, you will mail that ballot request form to your county clerk's office or deliver in person.

You have until October 27 to request an absentee ballot, but election officials are urging you to make the request early.

They are expecting a historic amount of absentee ballots this year.

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