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Oklahoma House of Representatives passes bill protecting voter information

The law would protect voter information if Oklahoma joins any multistate voter list maintenance organization from third parties.

OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma House Bill 2052, presented by Rep. Eric Roberts (R-Oklahoma City), a bill aiming to protect the integrity of Oklahoma's election process won the approval of the House of Representatives and is headed to Governor Kevin Stitt's desk.

The bill seeks to address the privacy issues raised by joining a multistate voter list maintenance organization such as the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC). The press release by the House cites "serious security and privacy issues, including sharing voter list information with third parties involved in activities unrelated to voter roll maintenance."

HB2052 makes protections required in order to allow Oklahoma to join any such organizations which help states remove voters who have moved or have died. 

These protections make ERIC ineligible for Oklahoma membership due to its "repeated refusal to accept reforms that many member states demanded." Eight other states have discontinued or announced their intention to discontinue membership with ERIC.

The bill would give the Attorney General authority to take action if any multistate voter list maintenance organization inappropriately shares Oklahoma data. The Secretary of the State Election Board may bring civil action if the Attorney General chooses not to take action. The President Pro Tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House have this same authority jointly.

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