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Arkansas politicians react to Russia invasion of Ukraine

Sen. Tom Cotton and others have condemned Vladimir Putin and Russia's invasion of Ukraine, urging President Biden to deliver further sanctions.

After Russia launched an invasion into Ukraine by launching attacks toward cities and bases Thursday, Arkansas politicians are condemning actions by the country and urging President Joe Biden to enforce further sanctions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened any country who attempts to interfere with "consequences you have never seen."

In response, Senator Tom Cotton tweeted that the "unprovoked, naked war of aggression must face the most severe consequences."

Governor Asa Hutchinson asked for prayers for the people of Ukraine and said that an invasion of a "sovereign nation cannot stand uncontested."

Senator John Boozman said that when Congress reconvenes, they must "impose stringent sanctions on Russia," including on Putin and "others who benefit from his malicious behavior."

Chris Jones, a Democratic candidate for Arkansas governor, said we must hold Russian accountable and "stand up for democracy" and "oppose authoritarianism."

"Evil is on the march, and the world desperately needs America to be strong and a light in the darkness again," Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted.

"The forcible invasion and attack of a sovereign nation is illegal and a dangerous affront to the international community," said Congressman Steve Womack. "America, Europe, and NATO must confront these actions with strong, swift, and decisive consequences."

Congressman French Hill said that "Putin's folly will not go unanswered by the international community."

Jake Bequette, who is a Republican challenging Sen. Boozman in the primaries, said what is happening in Ukraine is "a direct result of the weakness and incompetence of Joe Biden."

“He abandoned American citizens in Afghanistan, fired some of our best troops with tyrannical vaccine mandates, and is more concerned about wokeness in the military than projecting strength on the global stage," Bequette said. "I’m praying for the people of Ukraine right now, and I’m also praying that this country never has another President as weak and incompetent as Joe Biden.”

In the days following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Gov. Hutchinson followed up by releasing a full statement that called for 'sovereignty, freedom, and regard for human life."

We will update this article with more statements as they come in.

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