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Sen. Cotton says mob who stormed Capitol should 'face full extent of the law'

Arkansas leaders are reacting to news that pro-Trump supporters breached the country's Capitol during a joint session with Congress to confirm Joe Biden as president

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — Congress met on Wednesday in a joint session to confirm the Electoral College vote won by Joe Biden. Trump's Republican allies plan to object to the results from several states. 

Pro-Trump supporters then breached the country's Capitol and broke into the Senate chamber on Wednesday during the session.

Senator Tom Cotton tweeted Wednesday afternoon, stating: "This violence is unacceptable and needs to be met with the full force of the law. God bless the Capitol Police who are keeping us safe."

In a statement released later Wednesday evening, Cotton stated those who mobbed the Capitol should "face the full extent of the law."

"It’s past time for the president to accept the results of the election, quit misleading the American people," he said in the statement.

Other Arkansas leaders took to social media to react to the chaos and to condemn the violence.

Around 1 a.m. on Thursday, Attorney General Leslie Rutledge tweeted that "violence and destruction cannot be tolerated" and that "peaceful protests are protected but dangerous actions are not."

In December, Rutledge supported a lawsuit by the State of Texas that challenged the election results in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Representatives Steve Womack, Rick Crawford, and State Senator Jason Rapert also tweeted their response to the breach:

"Every American has the right to peacefully protest, but the violence we are witnessing on U.S. Capitol grounds is unacceptable. Attacking property and the brave men and women of the @CapitolPolice must stop. I strongly condemn these acts. Our nation is better than this." -Rep. Womack

"The actions by those who are lawlessly and forcefully entering the Capitol are disgraceful and reprehensible. I condemn those whose actions are endangering the Capitol Hill Police, other LEO personnel, Members, staff, and employees of the Capitol." -Rep. Crawford 

"No matter who is responsible for violence in our U.S. Capitol today-it is wrong and should stop. We have endured months of destruction in our nation at the hands of Antifa and BLM Leftists & I have condemned it. I condemn all violence. I hope police identify those responsible." - State Senator Rapert 

A tweet from Senator John Boozman reads," The violence and destruction taking place at the Capitol are unacceptable and must cease."

Rep. Joyce Elliott stated:

"An literal attack on the peaceful transfer of power. In the United States of America! Stop placating pretty words of “This is not who we are.” It frigging who are. I know. Not every one of us, but...For those, including the President, who fomented and encourage this, a reckoning."

Governor Asa Hutchinson tweeted:

"To see protesters in our nation's Capitol invading the Halls of Congress & disrupting the peaceful transfer of power is reprehensible."

Representative French Hill also tweeted that he and his family are safe:

"My family and I are safe. I condemn this violent protest. We are a nation of law and order, and it is disgraceful that the safety and security of our nation's capital and our governmental leaders are at risk." 

During the incident, President Trump tweeted asking his supporters to "support our Capitol Police and Law Enforcement," saying they are "on the side of our Country."

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