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Northwest Arkansas couple speaks out about life quarantined in Italy

Italy is one of the hardest-hit areas by coronavirus with a death toll of nearly 10,000.
Credit: KFSM

Italy is one of the hardest-hit areas by coronavirus with a death toll of nearly 10,000.

The Roveredo region is just a few hours away from where an American family of four currently lives. However, the couple met here, in Northwest Arkansas while attending college at the U of A.

The couple spoke with 5NEWS to warn people in the U.S. to take the coronavirus seriously and to share what life overseas is now like.

“It’s changed quite dramatically in the last month. A month ago we were planning trips and looking forward for my parents to come out and visit us for the first time since we moved out here. Our children were attending our local Italian school, I was working and everything has been put on hold. We are at home all the time. Will is the only one who leaves and that’s if he needs to go to the grocery store for our family.” said Jessie Collier.

Jessie and Will Collier moved to Italy about a year ago to start their new life with their two children. Little did they know, they would be quarantined in their home for the foreseeable future.

“We are prepared to see this continue. The cases in Italy have not decreased what the government was hoping for so we go out once a week for food and we are pretty much prepared for this to continue until globally we can get a hand on this. Certainly here it hasn’t slowed down so we are prepared for it to continue.” said Will Collier.

The Colliers are taking every precaution to make sure they do not contract the virus. 

“We take it very very seriously. COVID-19 has decimated Italy and it’s been a very very difficult time for the people here and we are not taking any chances with contracting the virus,” said Will collier.

However, when 5NEWS asked what they thought about how people in America have reacted to the pandemic, they say they are surprised and hope people start to take restrictions more seriously.

“We are fairly concerned that there is not the level of seriousness in the restrictions and the warnings that they are trying to put out for people. We are really hoping that based on the warnings that we are able to send to our friends and family and that the Italian government has been putting out there, the states won’t have to suffer such devastating losses before people start realizing the seriousness of this,” said Jessie Collier.