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'They gassed a lot of their own officers' | Man describes chaos as Capitol Police stricken by chemical gas release during riot

Jamie Grant videotaped the mob as it successfully broke through several police lines and invaded the inaugural platform.

WASHINGTON — Capitol Police officers trying to protect the building were hindered by the release of chemical irritants being used on the crowd, video evidence reveals.

WUSA9 anchor Adam Longo spoke to Jamie Grant from Memphis, Tennessee who drove thirteen hours to witness the events that unfolded on January 6, 

"These guys were not ready at all for what was about to happen," said Grant. 

Grant ended up filming video on the front lines as the unruly mob successfully broke through several police barricades on the west facing side of the Capitol building. Rioters eventually stormed the inaugural platform.

"At the end of the day my goal was not to break any laws. My goal was to put video out there for people to make their own assumptions. Their own opinions," said Grant.

On the day of the siege, WUSA9 spoke to Rep Jim Cooper (D-TN) who alleged that Capitol Police officers were "complicit" in allowing the rioters to breach the police lines and overrun the Capitol building. 

"From your vantage point does that narrative hold up?" Longo asked Grant.

"Yes it does. Yes it does," Grant replied. 

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"It was definitely a disturbing day. I hope these people are identified," said Grant.

As thousands of people gathered on the Ellipse for President Trump's rally on Wednesday and eventually pushed towards the Capitol, Grant mused about antagonists among the crowd.

"There were people in that crowd who weren't Trump supporters. My buddy got hit in the back of the head with a pipe. Why would a Trump supporter attack another Trump supporter?" he asked.

"There were definite actors in that crowd. Whether they're right wing conservative or left wing. There were people there not just there to protest," said Grant.

Grant ultimately made it to the pinnacle of the inaugural platform where he turned his camera facing back at the National Mall, revealing a sea of people who had descended on to the Capitol grounds.

"I came to Washington, D.C. to support the President of the United States so my voice could be heard. As one of those 70 million plus disenfranchised voters," said Grant. "I feel as though my vote doesn't count anymore."

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