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Arkansas State Trooper accused of using PIT maneuver against pregnant woman responds to lawsuit

The attorneys representing Arkansas State Trooper Rodney Dunn answered the complaint from Nicole Harper denying wrongdoing and asked for the case to be dismissed.

PULASKI COUNTY, ARKANSAS, Ark — The Arkansas State Police Trooper and others accused of wrongdoing in using a pit maneuver against a pregnant woman replied to the lawsuit against them on Wednesday (June 23) and denied the allegations asking for the case to be dismissed.

Arkansas State Trooper Rodney Dunn is accused of putting a pregnant woman and her unborn child in harm's way in a lawsuit after deliberately bumping her car, causing it to flip.

Video of the incident shows the woman, Janice Harper, immediately turn on her hazard lights and move to the right lane when the trooper turned on his overhead lights.

Dunn said he performed the approved maneuver because Harper was speeding on Highway 67/167 in Pulaski County last July and didn't pull over.

Harper filed a lawsuit against Dunn, claiming he "executed a negligently performed PIT maneuver" — a pursuit intervention technique which put "her life and the life of her unborn child at risk," CBS News reports. She also claims "there were no exits or shoulder for [Harper] to safely exit the highway."

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In the dashcam video obtained by CBS News, Dunn could be heard calling EMS before getting out of his vehicle and helping Harper get out of her car. 

"Are you the only one in the vehicle?" Dunn asked. 

"Yes, I'm pregnant," Harper replied. 

"Well, ma'am, you've got to pull over when we tell you," he said. 

"I had my flashers on," Harper answered. 

"It doesn't matter, ma'am," Dunn claimed. 

The state attorneys representing Sr. Cpl. Rodney Dunn, Sgt. Alan Johnson and Colonel Bill Bryant answered the complaint from Nicole Harper, asking the Pulaski County Circuit Court to dismiss the case.

The judge has not yet responded.

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