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Small town in Arkansas sells $2 million winning lottery ticket

The lottery is on a lot of people's minds because earlier this week, a woman in Wooster bought a winning $2 million lottery ticket at a gas station.

WOOSTER, Ark. — The lottery has been at the top of many people's minds, especially folks in Wooster. 

Earlier this week, a Faulkner County woman bought a winning $2 million lottery ticket at a gas station there.

Though the winner isn't the only one who will benefit—  The gas station gets a portion of the money too. 

H&M Food Mart has been getting lots of attention after selling the $2 million ticket.

As folks have lined up for lottery tickets, they've also been keeping an eye on the rising jackpot. 

H&M Food Mart Manager, Marcie Asher, said more people have come in to buy lottery tickets after word got out that they sold a big winner.

"Maybe 20 or 30%, something like that. You know, it's been a lot more," Asher added.

A lot of the people that have been purchasing tickets have been first-time ticket buyers. 

"Wednesday, we saw a lot of first-timers. older ladies, how do I do it? What do I do? You know," Asher said.

Peggy Thompson explained that she buys them every once in a while. 

"I don't usually play, but it's just so large. We decided we try," Thompson said.

Peggy also mentioned that she won nine dollars and bought more tickets with her winnings. 

The $2 million winner isn't the only one who will benefit from the winnings,  Asher explained that said the store will receive 1% of the money, which equals to about  $20,000.

"We were really surprised because usually, it's up north or way up in the Northeast or something. Nothing ever in Wooster. Small town," Asher added.

Everyone has been anxiously awaiting Saturday night's historic drawing of $1.6 billion that is up for grabs.

"Everybody's happy for whoever wins," Asher said.

That $2 million winner wanted to remain anonymous, but she did tell the lottery that she's not planning to quit her job— She plans to invest the money, and save for retirement.

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